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STARMIL is not an investment site in any form as they do not in any way take investments neither are they into any form of investment businesses


STARMIL is simply an online skills centre that caters for all its users in ensuring that they acquire the present day skills whilst performing regular affiliate marketing. The testimonies seen out there are commissions made from inviting individuals into learning a skill set and not returns on investments as we do not associate ourselves with any form of investments 


Users are advised to desist from believing any wrong information passed down by unauthorized individuals about us. 


There are skills set on STARMIL which can be learnt by all users once they qualify for these skills. For more information, kindly refer back to our website STARMIL.PRO and read the How it works to get clarifications.


Also, users are strictly advised to stay away from any application/App created by anyone carrying our names as since our inception, we have not created any app for our website . Some unauthorized persons have started cloning us in terms of applications on playstore and also on Apple Store. Through this apps, they might access your personal informations and also take advantage of your sales commission earnings.


Please strictly use our website for all your activities (STARMIL.PRO)

Non of our code agents will ever ask you to pay more than the required sign up fee for the skills classes or the required amount for the ebook purchases uploaded by authors on our website 


Please stay away from news going about that we take investments of any form or we promise interest on returns of any form 


Get familiar with our reasons for existence and for the reasons for the inception of STARMIL


For further clarifications, please ensure that you visit our website and read our about us page, our how it works page and also all our terms and conditions 


STARMIL is an online skills acquisition centre and a digital intermediary that links publishers and creators of high quality ebooks to customers that are interested in buying them.