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About Starmil



Starmil was introduced when the need for digital skills coupled with affiliate marketing programs became a necessity to actually have an edge over your colleagues around you.


Starmil was introduced in 2023 by a group of entrepreneurs who have acquired several skills set in time past and formed a pattern on various means by which these knowledge can be passed down to various other individuals 


On Starmil, Various skills and courses are taught effectively and through networking and affiliating, individuals can earn a living from the comfort of their home 


Since Affiliate marketing and networking has helped improve the standard of living of various individuals at large, Starmil offers every user the opportunity to become financially independent  through our networking and affiliate system


Individuals that affiliate and network our skills courses,ebooks and items on our marketplace can definitely tap into various affiliate bonuses thereby earning a living from them.


Starmil was generally built on trust and has a sustainability system set in place to ensure that only qualified and experienced tutors gets to impart knowledge on various individuals that subscribes for any of our courses and skills.


Some of the Skills and courses we offer includes 

 1. Mini importation courses 

 2.Website development courses 

 3.Copywriting courses 

 4.Ui/Ux designing courses 

 5. Graphics designing courses 

 6. Microsoft word and PowerPoint courses 

 7. Basics of Data analysis 

 8. Business ideas and start up courses 

 9. Application creation and uploads on IOS and AppStore courses 

 10. Facebook ads and YouTube monetization courses

And lots more.


With the above courses and skills set in place, you’re sure to getting back values for your time spent on our website.





In a fast-rising Environment, it has been proven over time that individuals with one or more skills tends to perform better than those individuals without skills. Skills are a necessity to advance faster and better in whatever Economy you may find yourself in.


At Starmil, Our Mission is to empower all our users with the present-day digital skills and help them in sustaining a balance after the skills have been learnt by them.



Our vision is to ensure that we train and impart knowledge to every one of our registered users on the Present-day skills that are available on our website and to rank highly as an online digital Skills centre in Africa.